Web Designing

A website becomes the online identity for a brand. This puts a lot of responsibility on the web designer to ensure that the website truly reflects the personality and ethos of the brand. The online visitors interested in the brand must fall in love with the website so that they explore further. A shabby website is a huge disappointment for the brand and the potential customers. You need a professional team of web designers to work on your website to make it to world-class standards. Graze Solutions is a one-stop shop for the best web designing services for your websites.

Web Designing Services We Offer

Take a look at the wide range of web designing services that we offer for your website:

  • Graphic Designing Services: Images and graphics make a website’s visual appeal. Our experienced graphic designers take care of this aspect of your website.
  • Dynamic Website Designing: Our team of professional web designers ensures that the website’s dynamic settings and designs function correctly throughout.
  • Static Website Designing: A website must be attuned to the sales and marketing objective of a brand. Our static website designing team will ensure that your website matches up to your objectives.
  • Responsive Web Designing: The responsiveness of a website often decides if the online visitor will continue with the visit or move away to another website. With Graze Solutions on your side, our web designing team takes care of the responsiveness.
  • Custom Web Designing: Your online brand’s identity is unique. So, the website must have customized settings and designs. That is what our team does for your website.
  • Corporate Website Designing: Website designing is different according to the purpose it will serve. Corporate websites have a different grammar than ecommerce ones. We ensure that your corporate website looks professional.
  • Web Portal Designing: Web portals have an important role in generating online leads and closing sales. With our web portal designing team, you can be assured that you will not lose another customer due to a website malfunctioning.
  • Template Designing: The right template can make or break a website. Visitors are attracted or repelled by them. our template designing team ensures that your website’s visual quotient is always high.
  • Banner Designing: The banners on a website grab eyeballs. That is their function. A lackluster banner spoils it all. With our designers, your website banners will grab a lot of attention upfront.

Why Hire Web Designers at Graze Solutions?

Other than the multiple services that we offer in the web designing segment, here are some more reasons why you should have Graze Solutions as your Web Designing partner:

  • Committed team to collaborate with your brand on developing the website.
  • Round the clock assistance in working on glitches and error fixes.
  • Creative team with knowledge and experience to develop websites of international standards.
  • Familiarity with the latest tools and technology in website designing to ensure that your website does not miss any trick in the book.
  • Complete focus on designing a website that serves your purpose and gives your customers a satisfying user experience.

Web Development

No matter how strong a brand is offline, without a robust online presence it will not be able to improve its sales charts. Websites are necessary not just as an online identity and address; it is where brands introduce themselves to potential customers. Websites have to be of the best quality and offer a unique user experience to users. Otherwise, these users will move away from the website and subsequently, the brand. That is a loss that no brand can afford. With our web development services boosting your websites, you will never lose another customer this way.

Web Development Services We Offer

Here are some of the web development services that we offer at Graze Solutions:

  • Web Application Development: With our technicians working on your web application development, you can have a robust infrastructure that will help you acquire more customers.
  • Mobile Application Development: Many websites are moving exclusively to a mobile application platform. Our mobile app developers ensure that your customers get a wonderful experience while using your brand’s mobile app.
  • Application Security Consulting: With our security consultants looking after your website and web data, you need not fear losing sensitive information to hackers and other nefarious elements.
  • User Interface and Usability Designing: Web development is all about the experience a user has on the website. Our team of technicians and designers ensure that your customers are treated to a unique time on your website. That will keep them coming back to your website and boost your sales.
  • Application Integration: Integrating systems and applications is key to a smooth experience for the customers as well as for the brand owners. Our team of professional programmers handles it with ease, largely due to their familiarity with all the latest tools in web development.
  • Website Design and Development: Usability, performance and scalability; these are the three pillars of our website design and development team. When a user visits your website, they must get to feel that they are in a world-class website. That is something we build and deliver for your business needs.
  • Maintenance and Support: A website is not something that is built, launched and forgotten. It needs careful work every day, with debugging and error fixing on a daily basis. Our maintenance and support team does that to your website while you focus on the core aspects of your business.

Why Hire Website Developer of Graze Solutions?

Other than our range of web development services, we also give you these reasons to pick our team for your website:

  • Committed team to build up a usable and user-friendly website that meets the demands of your customers as well as your brand.
  • Complete adherence and importance to your inputs and needs in the development of your website.
  • Presence of professionally experienced and skillful team of technicians and programmers to handle the web development project.
  • 24/7 monitoring of the website and regular updates to inform you about the development of the project.
  • Hands-on assistance to resolve doubts and queries from your end, as and when they crop up.

Software Development

The importance of software development services is evident in the fact the most brands and companies are turning to a technology-centric business model. Customers are preferring to buy items online. Brands are encouraging that because it cuts down their overhead costs. Businesses are interacting with each other through software and technology. Lapses in software can hurt the company, financially and as a brand. For your company, you need a robust software infrastructure that can take the wear and tear of everyday use. At the same time, it must be technically sound to embrace all the new updates and tools.

Software Development Services We Offer

Graze Solutions has an exhaustive list of software development services that it provides to you. Here is a quick look at some of them:

  • Custom Application Development: Every business has its own needs and requirements. The applications needed to conduct business have to be customized to meet these needs. With our software developers, you will have business applications customized for your unique business needs.
  • Web Development: A website can make or break your online business division. With our software engineers, your website will be built on the most modern platform, with robust infrastructure. It will be protected against malware attacks and security threats, keeping your data safe.
  • Software Migration: It is very important for businesses and companies to migrate from an inferior software platform to a better and more sophisticated one. In the process, no data loss should happen. We at Graze Solutions take care of both these conditions, making the migration process seamless and hassle-free.
  • Application Maintenance: Building and launching an application is not even a job half done! They need to be maintained in error-free condition throughout. Our team of programmers do that and ensure that your business applications are always up and running.
  • Software Testing and QA: Testing for software and programs that work for your business is important because it tells you what works for your brand and what does not. This testing is done by our software engineers, along with QA, to ensure that you get the best software support for your business.

Why Hire Software Developer at Graze Solutions?

We do not simply offer you a wide range of software development services. We also give you other reasons to choose us ahead of the others:

  • Dedicated team of certified programmers and software engineers work on your project. There is no compromise on hiring the best talent to handle our projects and clients. You can bank on our team at Graze Solutions.
  • Focus on your inputs and business needs. Our team does not like to impose on your choices and preferences. Instead, they are like consultants laying out options before you to pick what you want. Our team will update you regularly and send development progress reports.
  • Complete transparency and confidentiality in handling projects. We understand your software data is crucial for your business and we do not give out any information. Confidentiality and trust is the basis of a partnership with Graze Solutions.
  • Familiarity and professional expertise in handling the latest tools, technology and software to give you the most sophisticated software development support for your business.

Graphic Designing

It is said that an image conveys more than a thousand words. For online branding and promotion of your website, the images and graphics need to be world-class. Online users are used to visual delights in websites. If your website does not match up to that class and elegance, you are bound to lose out on potential customers. When an online user browses into your website and finds that the visual quality of the images and graphics is poor, they are immediately repelled. We at Graze Solutions offer you the best graphic designing services in the best.

What We Offer in Graphics Designing Services

Here are some of the services that we offer in our graphics designing segment:

  • Logo Designing: The logo for your brand is the signature of it. It has to be unique, sleek and definitive. Our graphic designers get inputs from your side about your brand and come up with logos that will define your brand’s identity.
  • Banner Designing: Eye-catching banners are required to grab attention. You can use these banners in your website and across online platforms. Our creative designers will give you banners that is bound to attract the eye.
  • Mailer Designing: We receive several emails a day. To make your mailer stand out, the images and graphics have to be superior and a visual delight. Our graphic designers have the skill and aesthetic sense to develop quality mailer designs.
  • Business Stationery: The stationery you use for business will speak and represent your business ethics. It cannot be shabby or insipid. Our team of designers will present you business stationery that will help your brand stand out from the crowd.
  • Brochure Designing: Brochures have a strong role in making up the mind of the potential customer: to buy or not. With our image crafts-people working on your brochure, you can be sure of making the right visual impression.
  • E-Catalogue: The e-catalogue must present your products and services in the best visual light. You can leave that task to our graphic designers. With your team on board, your e-catalogue will capture the imagination and hearts of the viewers.
  • Video Editing: Video marketing is a big opportunity for online marketers to promote and sell. Our video editing team will make your product and brand videos snappy and excellent.
  • 360-degree Virtual Tours: A virtual tour through the website or through your services is necessary to showcase your products. Our team will design the tour so that the viewers get the best sneak peek into what you have to offer.
  • Business Presentations: Business presentations are designed by our team to ensure that you make the right connect with clients and customers. Our graphics team will work on your PowerPoint or slide presentations, among others.

Why Hire Us?

Other than the range of graphic designing services we offer, here are some more reasons why you should hire us:

  • Creative, aesthetically sound team of graphic designers
  • Professionally certified and skilled to handle the latest tools for graphics and multimedia designing
  • Dedicated team to take your inputs into focus and design accordingly
  • Round the clock assistance to update on the developments of the project and rework on designs that you want to modify
  • Complete confidentiality about projects and brand information

Mobile Apps Development

Mobile apps are the way to go forward. Many reputed websites are now moving to an app-only experience for their online customers. With the smartphone industry proliferating exponentially, it makes sense to shift to a mobile app experience for consumers. We at Graze Solutions have the technical and aesthetic ability to engage your users through mobile app development and services. We specialize in a variety of mobile app development.

Mobile Apps Development Services We Offer

In our Mobile development and services division we provide assistance with:

  • Android App Development: We develop app platforms for Android users, workable for Android tablets and smartphones.
  • Mobile App Porting: Our technicians will assist your business to develop mobile app porting for your brand.
  • Mobile User Interface Design: Our creative team will help your brand develop a unique user engagement experience through mobile apps. That will boost your ROI and help in brand building. A good user experience will translate into leads and finally sales.
  • Real Time Mobile App Transactions: Users want to carry out mobile app transactions on the move in real time. Our professionals help your brand achieve that. We help in developing payment mechanisms and help with delivery platforms.
  • Admin Panel and Web Service Development: Our panel of experts will help you develop web service through mobile apps and integrate the two for a smooth user experience.
  • Cross Platform Application: For better and a more convenient time on your mobile apps, we help in cross platform applications.
  • Enterprise Mobile App Development: A modern brand needs such assistance and support to develop their mobile apps. We help you do that seamlessly

Why Hire An Expert Mobile App Developer at Graze Solutions?

Here are some reasons why you should hire our mobile app development and service team here at Graze Solutions:

  • Our team of experts can handle mobile apps for iOS as well as Android platforms, with experience in native (Objective C / Android) and HTML 5 Mobile Framework (Cordova).
  • We have experience in handling mobile front to end support for apps like dress planning, real time event booking for nightclubs through XMPP Server OpenFire.
  • We have developed mobile interface through iOS XMPP Framework, strophe.js for web and Xabber for Android.
  • Dedicated and committed team to work on your mobile app by collaborating thoroughly with your brand and your inputs.
  • We provide futuristic ideas based on the latest developments in technologies so that your mobile apps are ready to handle change and attune themselves accordingly.
  • We help you build the perfect mobile app to showcase your products and sell them to your targeted consumer group.
  • We look after your productivity, target market audience, branding and finally, revenue growth.

We do not just develop mobile apps. We provide strategic partnership for your brand.